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channeling some kenny and peggy

ok. first things first. we love our home in lincoln. but there is a small problem. when you move from a teeny, tiny apartment in santa monica to a 2 story house with a basement you need some furniture. we’ve really put it off for a number of reasons and our main level has been pretty void of any furniture whatsoever. so a month ago i started looking on craig’s list. now there have been some adventures. i’ve gone in some sketchy areas of Lincoln and texted dan and our friend maggie about it because i was scared of the people that are on america’s most wanted.and i’ve also met some interesting people that are let’s just say very unique.

but i also met this husband and wife couple who are just rad. that is literally the best word to describe them and what they do. they had 10 days off together at christmas and they decided to buy cheap, beat up furniture on craig’s list and make it nice again in their garage then sell it. and they do such an amazing job! and they have helped me with everything as i’m fixing up this furniture. they even came over the other night and reupholstered out seats at our kitchen table. they’ve inspired me to do stuff around our house. check out their facebook page

but my core inspiration was none other than uncle kenny and aunt peggy. they are both so freaking creative and do the most amazing work. peggy even helped me with all the painting instruction for these tables. but they were the real inspiration and whenever im doing a project i call it ‘channeling some kenny and peggy.’ (i hope i didnt just creep them out) here are some pictures of the updates we’ve done this past week and weekend. (when i say we’ve i mean it. wyatt has been so clutch. if he wasn’t napping or hamming it up in his bumbo none of this would’ve gotten done. he’s the man!) enjoy!






wyatt’s coaching debut

six and a half weeks old and tournament #1 as assistant head coach under his belt. wyatt and i came home on sunday nights as the champions of the silver division. (unfortunately, there was only a gold and silver bracket and only 8 teams but we won’t tell wyatt that.) he was in his carrier for most of the matches and as you can see he was very into each match. he called serving areas and ran the defense. he celebrated the tournament with a 4 ounce bottle.

just a normal thursday with wyatt p.

yesterday was a pretty hilarious day for little man wyatt and his mommy. every other day is wyatt’s bath day and i was planning on giving him his bath right before dinner so he would be staying up for a long period of time in hopes of that helping his sleep at night. well, that plan was changed. it all changed when i went upstairs to change wyatt’s diaper and a volcano went off inside of it. this was the biggest poop i have ever seen from a baby let alone a 5 week old baby. it covered almost every inch of his diaper and somehow went up the front part of the diaper as well. it was so enormous it makes you proud in a weird way. so right when i’m finishing up wiping him and cleaning that present he left me in his diaper he has a spit up party on the changing table. it went all over his onesie, on his face, all over his neck and covered the top half of the changing table. i just start cracking up and clean that up and decide after this extravaganza it is time for his bath. so i strip down wyatt and we go into his bathroom and start the water in his bath tub. as i’m holding him waiting for the water to fill, wyatt decides he wants to give me one last present and pees on me. i just started to crack up and wyatt just looked at me with those big blue eyes. we were both fully entertained and wyatt had to be feeling pretty good because he got a lot of business done in a matter of 10 minutes.

so all you grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, family, beware…wyatt and i will be in town feb 17-21 and if you volunteer for a diaper change watch out for these diapers filled with love, spit up sensations and a little pee directly on you as the cherry on top. the funniest part of all of this is that was easily my favorite part of the day yesterday. i hope none of you are reading this before a big meal :]

happy 1 month wyatt man!

dear wyatt,

so much has happened in your first month here with us. mommy and daddy swear that you change everyday. you have grown so much and you are look more and more like a little boy each day. you dominate at tummy time each day and you have the most adorable smile when you’re sleeping. (we can’t wait to start seeing it when you’re awake.) you do such a good job of holding your head up and you love your ‘bop bop’ kisses from daddy. you also took your first plane flight and you were an angel. you hardly cried and traveled like a pro.  last night we got to go to daddy’s banquet for nebraska volleyball and you did such a great job. the mc, john baylor, kept saying how daddy and i were going to make a parenting dvd bc you were so quiet throughout the banquet. you didn’t make a peep until it was time to eat. after the banquet was over, daddy was so cute and was not ready to leave bc he wanted to walk around with you and show you off. you’ve gotten better each night with sleeping and 3 nights ago you slept for 5 hours straight. it was pure bliss for mom and dad. frank still thinks you are his child and loves to give you kisses on your head. you have started to enjoy baths and you don’t cry through them anymore :] we count your toes and fingers each time just to make sure you still have them all. we have fun each day but for the most part you just want to be held which keeps mom’s hands full. you are such a blessing and our love for you grows each day. happy 1  month little wy guy!

love you to the moon and back,

mommy and daddy

the wy man

our little guy is 2 weeks old now! he’s now 9lbs and grew 1/2 an inch. he puts back milk like it’s nothing and cracks us both up with his gassy face. we’re all off to la tomorrow to see our mason man (who now prefers to go by biggies as he is the big brother) and hopefully we won’t piss too many people off on our plane flights with our 2 week old baby :] for how much wyatt traveled when he was in my belly he should be a pro. well, we’re hoping to see a lot of friends and family while we’re in southern ca and wyatt is excited to meet all of you and excited for you to help with diapers!

frank thinks he is wyatt’s dad

not only does our dog, frank, think he is an actual person, now he thinks he is wyatt’s dad. he is so protective of wyatt and follows whoever is holding wyatt wherever they go. it is a riot. when he hears wyatt cry he runs to find him and wants to lick him. when he hears him sneeze he is right by wyatt’s side. he is literally constantly checking on wyatt. it is too funny. whenever you see les, phil, melinda, or my mom ask them about it. they were witnesses to frank’s obsessive behavior.

Mr. Wyatt P. Conners in the house!!

he’s here! the man himself, wyatt philip conners! weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and 22 and 1/2 inches! we were supposed to go in at 7:30am to induce labor but at about 4:00am i started to get small contractions that continued to get stronger and closer together. we got admitted in and contractions were about 7-10mins apart. they broke my water and in 4 hours we had our little man. they didn’t even have to induce. wyatt was meant to be born on december 28th, 2011. no inducing needed! he couldn’t be more perfect and is just precious. he was opening his eyes and tracking people and voices within the first hour and he was also lifting his head as much as he could.

mason was just in awe of his little brother. when he first met him he told us, “he is so cute.” mason couldn’t take his eyes off of wyatt for the first 10 minutes. when we moved into our room mason got to hold him and he really enjoyed singing to him. his songs of choice to sing to his new brother were santa claus is coming to town, jingle bells, and misteltoe by justin bieber of course! and dan was just so amazing the entire time. i really am married to the best husband and father in the world. wyatt would just stare at his dad and dan had the biggest smile on his face. leslie, phil and melinda were there for the whole day and my mom, suzanne, landed later that night. they all got to meet wyatt on his birthday! it truly was a magical day and we will never forget it.